The Drip, The Pour drawing
The Drip, The Pour
Oozing on a Branch II
The Bird Box Drips
Oozing on a Branch I
Bird House: Perching on a Platform
TARDIS pouring
Pink Cone & Structure
White Stack and Blue Ladder
Vessel: Gold & White, pouring green
Vessel: White & Gold, pouring blue
Vessel: White & Gold Round
Vessel: White & Gold Lilly
Vessel: Bowl Pouring
Vessel: Suspended Dripping Round
Vessel: Suspended Dripping Lilly
Staged: Platform + L
Staged:  Doorway Flat with Ladder
Staged: Platform, Plinth + Screen
Staged: Pink Cone + Ladder
Staged: Green Cone
Staged: Pink Cone
Staged: Painting + Purple
Staged: Floating Yellow
Staged: Pink L
Staged: Pink Rectangle + Door
Staged: Drawing 3
Staged: Drawing 1
Staged: Drawing 2
Sketchbook drawing 2011
Sketchbook drawing 2011
Sketchbook drawing
Bed in Model Box
Chair & Spotlight
Boxes & Spotlight
Steps and Box
Night Sky
Film Series: Stairs
Film Series: The Switch
Film Series: Derelict
Film Series: Spaces
Film Series: With Gun

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The Drip, The Pour drawing

Sketchbook development drawing for 'The Drip, The Pour' installation at Kelburn. 2016 Emma Macleod