Periscope Archetype: Purple Light
Periscope Archetype: Green Rectangle
Periscope Archetype: Pink Rectangle
Periscope Archetype: Pink Triangle
Periscope Archetype: Pink Light
Periscope Archetype: Blue Cube
Periscope Archetype: Blue Triangle
Periscope Archetype: Orange Triangle
Periscope Archetype: Green Shape
Gallery Series: Black Sculptures
Gallery Series: Pallets and Platfrom
Gallery Series: Bench
Gallery Series: Wooden Set & Chair
Gallery Series: Platform & Chair
Gallery Series: Set & Chair
Gallery Series: Haemorrhage
Art House Series: Stairs detail
Art House Series: Main Hall detail
Art House Series - installation
Home Series: Clock
Home Series: Bath
Home Series: Window
Home Series: Windows & Bottles
The Steady Film
The Steady Film: Bed Detail
The Steady Film: Hole in Wall detail
Residents Only
The Switch
Toilet and Gun

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Home Series: Window

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