Emma Macleod is a visual artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in 2007 and has since exhibited & screened work both nationally & internationally, recently including Hidden Door Festival, Royal Scottish Academy, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh & Periscope Project Space in Salzburg, Austria


Artist Statement

My art work is mostly concerned with the theatricality of placed objects. I work in many different mediums; video, photography, painting, site-specific installation and object & model making.  Key to my work is a sense of play, through materials, scale and subject matter. At the moment I'm interested in colour, movement, hypnotic repetition and the flow of liquid.

The work I make and my influences are forever evolving & developing and I embrace this by working in many different materials & environments. Creativity and play, for me, are not static but forever changing.

Notes about my recent work:


My most recent work has considered the clay vessel or pot as the most basic and essential source for sustaining life. Working in clay, I have created a series of vessels that have been the starting point for a series of sculptural, performance and video based works.  These often feature pouring, dripping or splurging pots using sensual crude materials such as clay, plasticine and paint. 

During the summer of 2016 I have worked on a number of outdoor installations at Kelburn Garden Party and Art Walk Porty. The natural environment, in particular trees, birds, nesting & reproduction are currently influencing the work I am making.




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