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Emma Macleod (1985)  is a visual artist, born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, and now based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in 2007 and has since exhibited & screened work both nationally & internationally in group exhibitions and site specific installations. Emma has exhibited at The Neverending Glen, Art Walk Porty, Hidden Door Festival, Sett Studios, Royal Scottish Academy, Talbot Rice Gallery, amongst others and has achieved several awards for her work.


Artist Statement

I am a visual artist working predominantly in sculpture; however, my practice has also encompassed video, performance, photography, drawing & model-making.  Over the years my work has evolved as my practice has developed, however there has always been a constant interest in playing on scale and exploring absurd and uncanny qualities.


I have an interest in the natural environment and our interactions and wonderment with nature. Organic shapes and forms such as gourds, cocoons & bird eggs, inspired a body of work where I explored vessels and pouring liquid.  This body of work slowly morphed into site-specific outdoor installations: bird like pots spewing bright colours perched in a tree, egg forms with uncanny growing tendrils, a bird dancing absurdly in the woods…


In recent works, I have been exploring the body and moments of quietness, exhaustion, and feelings of being stuck or trapped.  Influenced by doll-making techniques, limbs emerge from bodies smothered in felted cocoon-like forms or trapped in poured plaster perched on tree-like islands. I become a mother in 2019 and this experience, and ideas around birth, parenthood, mental health, childhood, playfulness, and metamorphosis have inspired me.




            Download CV for information on past exhibitions & events.

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