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Reject Respond Repurpose


Running Time: 3:29

An animation about the passage of time and the transformation of a little egg high in the trees. Part of an exhibition by place+platform - artist responding & repurposing rejected artworks in Settlement projects, a junk shop on Leith Walk.

Video by Emma Macleod, 2017

Drip, Drip, Drip


Running Time: 1:40 min

Red liquid drip, drip, drips from an organic shaped vessel. A stop motion animation with sound.

Video by Emma Macleod, 2016.

Into the Woods


Running Time: 0:35 min

A pot drips in the woods.

A hand-drawn animation with sound developed during a residency at The Steeple, Newburgh, Fife. Supported by Wasps.

Video by Emma Macleod, 2016.

Gestures with a Pot


Running Time: 3:41 min

A figure dressed in black with long dark hair, gestures with a pot.

Screened at 'Creep Me Oot' exhibition by NakedAye collective.

Video by Emma Macleod, 2016.

Dripping, Pouring


Running Time: 10:24 min

Small, crude vessels sit on a plinth in front of a brightly coloured background. Thick, gloopy, glossy paint is poured into the vessels until they overflow and the paint oozes out. Slow and mesmerising, 'Dripping, Pouring' is part painting, part sculpture, part performance

Video by Emma Macleod, 2014.



Running Time: 1:52 min

Small scale installation of a screen with changing projected colours.  
Each colour has a musical note attached to it that blends with another note as the colours change.

Video and sound by Emma Macleod, 2013.

Fictitious: An Exhibition by S.H.A.M


Running Time: 3:34 min

A camera moves through a series of small scale rooms.

Video and Sound by Emma Macleod, 2012.

A Surrealist's Piano 1924


Running Time: 1:17 min

Stop motion animation and sound by Emma Macleod, 2012.



Glitter Pouring


Running Time: 1:36 min

Hands with gold nail polish pour glitter out of a pot.

This video is designed to be played on a TV in portrait orientation & looped. When I exhibited this work, I painted the TV a pastel green/blue colour. Check out an install pic here

Video by Emma Macleod, 2015.

Dripping Room


Running Time: 6:28 min

A dark oozing liquid drips into a sterile white room.

Dripping Room is exhibited as a silent projection installation.

Video by Emma Macleod, 2013


Running Time: 1:48 min

Light moves through a corridor.

Video & Sound by Emma Macleod, 2012



Running Time: 1:02 min

An alphabetical list of clinical words that you might hear in CSI.

Video and sound by Emma Macleod, 2013

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